toevs // little laughter, lots of love

Diving back into my photography business has me so passionate about it a million times over. I am so thankful that as a SAHM I am able to pursue it and have the support of my friends and family to help push me to go further.

 On of my favorite thing about photographing little ones, is that they fully express who they are and don't hold back. Every smile is real and genuine. Every laugh is straight from their little gut full of so much love! I feel so lucky that I am able to put together these fun little shoots with my own kids to capture all these fun moments.

perry family // merry & bright

"When you look at your life, the greatest happinesses are family happinesses."
  ~Joyce Brothers

I loved with working with the Perry family. We had so much fun exploring different shoot areas and laughed at all the silly faces the kids were making. I was so glad I got to capture so many wonderful memories for them to cherish forever. I mean, how cute are their kiddos!


fall // in love

“Fall has always been my favorite season. The time when everything bursts with its last beauty, as if nature had been saving up all year for the grand finale.”